Welcome to my handmade shop!

Each item here designed and created by me. I only use cotton, natural and recycled materials for my work. I make unique and also customised pieces.

My passion for crafting goes back to my childhood - making handmade gifts for Friends and Family. I always loved watching my Mum & Grandma creating beautiful crocheted and sewn beauties. 

A few years ago I decided to share my creations and make everyone happy who likes my work. My shop is very colourful - I love to learn new techniques and create new treasures all the time.

I work with little babies for many years and my original plan was making only baby and nursery accessories. As you can see I love to make other nice home decorations as well.

In the future I would like to focusing more on 'Kids Corner'.

At the moment, I am on Maternity leave with my first Baby. I want to enjoy every minute with him.


I am afraid I can't take personal offers right now. But BloomingCottage is still here for you with pre-made collections - if you are looking for a

a gift to your LovedOnes or something sweet just to treat yourself. 

You can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy and Facebook. 

Enjoy browsing at BloomingCottage and please visit often☺️

                                                          Helga x